EWFA is the European Chapter of the IWFA (International Window Film Association). Since its creation, EWFA has grown in size and scope. We have created relationships with other like-minded associations in the world and are in close contact with main stakeholders and decision makers in Brussels. Our objectives are to continue to reach and influence a wider audience, increasing the awareness of what and how window film can improve the environment and how people work and live around Windows.

EWFA's governance structure is made of the following bodies:

- General Assembly: The General Assembly is the superior decision-making body of the EWFA, composed of all members and meeting once a year.
- Management Council: The Management Council is the executive branch of the EWFA, organising the work and making sure the lines of work defined by the General Assembly are being followed. The EWFA Management Council holds regular monthly conference calls, and meets twice a year.
- Working Groups: Working Groups are being set up following the EWFA's defined needs; They can be ad hoc or permanent.
- Regional Office: The Regional Office is in charge of the daily administration and management of EWFA. It supports all other bodies in their work and serves as contact point for all third parties in Europe.