Become a Member

EWFA has four membership categories:


Manufacturers membership is open to private companies complying with the following criteria:

- ISO 9001 or ISO 9002 certification;
- Chemical engineer on site;
- In-house coating and laminating equipment.

Annual Membership Fee: $15,000 for the IWFA Manufacturer Membership fees + A minimum of $10,000 for participation in the Manufacturers Blind Fund + €15,000 for participation in the EWFA Chapter.



Distributors Membership is open to private companies that are engaged in the distribution of window film to dealers, in at least one member country of the European Union or any other country approved by the EWFA Board.

Annual Membership Fee: €3,000 if annual turnover is above €1,000,000 / €1,750 if annual turnover is below €1,000,000



Suppliers Membership is open to private companies that offer base components, coatings, processing services and equipment for film manufacturing and coverting.

Annual Membership Fee: €1,000.



Associates Membership is open to individuals, companies or organisations which are working or have an interest in the window film sector.

Annual Membership Fee: €1,000.


Download the EWFA Membership Application Form

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